Monday, March 18, 2013

Autism Experts: International Autism Acceptance Year

This year marks the third year of Autism Acceptance Day and Month.  Autism Acceptance Day was started in 2011, and quickly changed its name to Autism Acceptance Month. Over 1300 Autistics and allies joined the first Facebook event that year, and more joined in 2012, when we declared the entire year International Autism Acceptance Year.  The original blog is here:

 #Autism Experts was launched this year to mark the third anniversary and also to add to the exciting initiatives that are being started in the wake of continued interest in the concept of turning April into Autism Acceptance Month rather than Autism Awareness Month.

We are currently seeking funding for the #Autism Experts website, and talking to people who might want to be involved in some capacity. This is a long-term process, much of which will take place after April, but which is definitely part of International Autism Acceptance Year (2012-2013). More will be posted about this later on. 

Look at the contact page if you would like to be on a list for future involvement. Remember, this is long term. Do NOT expect to be contacted any time soon (but do expect to be contacted eventually if you do write!). The people who are working on this all have very full lives with other responsibilities and are volunteering their time, effort, and financial contributions.

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